COVID-19 is with us, a sad reality that has made times tough for everyone. People are losing jobs; companies in all sectors are struggling. However, some employers still have their doors open for recruits. Budgets might be tight, and we understand why you would consider going at it yourself instead of engaging specialist marketing recruitment agencies. Working with such an agency is wise and with reasons enough to make you rethink not considering working with a recruitment company like us. It is a decision that offers more than saving you money and time.

1. Unprecedented Levels of Applicants

The situation has seen many businesses that are recruiting receive an unprecedented number of applications. For instance, a restaurant in Manchester got more than 960 applications for one open position. A recent UK survey suggests than over fifty people will chase an employment opportunity. Data from the Institute for Employment Studies suggest a high benefits claimants to roles ratio, and by as much as 103–1 in some sectors.

Going through the huge volumes of applications is a mammoth task, especially as you try to identify the most viable candidates to interview while also responding to all applicants, informing them why they have or have not been shortlisted for the interview. Moreover, some of the smaller business lack the capacity (professionals and experience) to review relevant applicants, going through their resumes thoroughly to determine who qualifies for the job.

2. Lots of Applicants Does Not Imply Getting the Right Candidate

Finding an applicant that can fit the marketing specialist’s role can prove time-consuming. You might have more than fifty applicants interested in the same job vacancy, but that does not mean any of them will have the right qualifications.

Professional recruiters encounter such situations every day. As recruiters helping different companies find the right workforce, we know too well that many interested candidates do not have any experience in the roles they desire or have little to no clue of what the job entails.

3. Approaching the Recruitment Process Successfully

When planning for the recruitment process, you should have a team that can handle the many potential applicants you receive. Moreover, you should have a plan of action to guide you on responding promptly and fairly to the applications, including those that do not progress.

Furthermore, you must ensure that your recruitment brand is protected, helping interested candidates have a positive experience with the recruitment process. Consider advertising the job vacancy via professional channels, like having the advert written professionally to ensure it attracts the best and qualified candidates. Lastly, set the advertising budget wisely, making sure you run it online on the most trendy and relevant employment announcement boards.

How We Can Help

We highly recommend coming to us to help you with the recruitment process because you will benefit from the following:

• Recruitment specialists:
With us, you get a team of committed, dependable, experienced recruiters. You also enjoy access to our vast database covering different candidates from various marketing and digital recruitment areas. Moreover, you will be taking advantage of our expertise in managing multiple applicants. We will respond to all the applicants, interview the shortlisted ones before recommending them for the job. Therefore, you will have recruitment specialists that will expertly and professionally help manage your company’s brand.

• In-House Recruitment Support
If you need a short-term solution to enhance your in-house recruitment capacity, we have creative, experienced digital and marketing recruiters who can work with your team. It can be on a freelance arrangement to handle all you would expect for your in-house team, including advertising the job vacancy, reviewing the applications, and understanding each candidate’s capacities during the initial interviews.

• Advertise and Filter
We have a cost-effective, one-off fee for advertising the open job position, which is a cost-effective way of attracting potential candidate. We will then filter the applicants, ensuring we respond to those that do not meet the cut and passing on the relevant ones over to you to evaluate and manage.

We are glad to hear from you, offer some expert advice on the best marketing and digital recruitment strategies specific to your need. Get in touch with us to find out more.