Window energy rating or WER is a system that allows you to compare the energy efficiency of various window products. It comes in handy, as it allows you to pick the best windows for your home.

In this day and age, the windows you pick can make a world of a difference in regard to the security and warmth of your home’s interior. When installed properly, energy-efficient windows can minimize heat loss from the living areas. Ideal windows can save you a substantial amount of money in the long haul, as you won’t be spending as much on energy to cool or heat your home. Any form of savings on energy bills is a welcome addition in the world today.

On the contrary, windows with poor energy efficiency can be a huge source of heat loss, thus resulting in a higher energy bill. To find out how energy efficient a window product is, simply look at the Window Energy Rating label.

Window Energy Rating labels are coloured to provide an easy way for people to see how varying windows compare in regards to their energy efficiency. The labels have the same ”rainbow” design as the energy labels utilized on home appliances like washing machines and refrigerators.

There are multiple energy rating systems for windows, but the most widespread are those run by the British Standards Institute, British Fenestration Rating Council, and CERTASS. However, each one of them works in a similar fashion.

Letter ratings are assigned to windows based on the energy performance of the entire product, including the glass type, frame design, frame material, etc. An A+ rated product is more energy-efficient compared to a C rated one. This rating is determined using a formula that takes into account the overall thermal efficiency of the window, solar gain as well as air leakage.

Energy-efficient Windows & Energy Savings

WER is just an indication of the product’s efficiency level. The potential energy saved when it is installed in your house will depend on an array of other factors including other installed insulation, your heating system’s efficiency, location of the window and the building’s orientation (double glazing Surrey).


What is WER?

Window Energy Rating is a system designed to check the total energy performance of window products. In order to determine the energy rating of a window product, the following criteria are used:

-Type of Glass

-Frame Material

-Solar gain

-Air leakage

Which WER should I pick for my windows?

WER helps you compare the potential energy savings. The rating is calculated by a computer model simulation, which happens to be quite accurate. As such, it is safe to assume that windows with the highest rating will give you the highest possible savings.

One window may have a superior energy rating compared to another. However, it all comes down to you to take into consideration the WER alongside other essential factors. These include your design requirements, planning restrictions, material preferences as well as budget.

Our company has been providing several options including A, C and E rated window products for the past several years. In order to comply with regulations, we just offer A-rated or C-rated windows. The price difference between the two is meagre and so, we feel that A-rated products should be your standard choice.

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