As part of any kitchen remodel, extension, or refit, you’ll have an idea of the essentials you want. They are functional components that make a kitchen more efficient; plumbing, ovens, fridge freezers. A properly designed contemporary kitchen needs a foundation of more than the fundamentals. Contemporary kitchen designs depend on efficiency, clarity, and cohesion. Here are the must-haves for any contemporary kitchen.


There are various design concepts you can choose from when it comes to how you want to kitchen design to look. From country to coastal, the minimalist to the retro, the key to aesthetic appeal is all in the cohesion. Choose your idea and plan how various elements will appear when fitted in a finished house. Keep in mind you may want to keep up with the trends aesthetic-wise in the future. By going with neutral quartz worktops or Zen Stone, this vital component of your kitchen can stay constant while other features like cabinet fronts can be updated easily.


These days, efficiency entails much more than how an appliance accomplishes its task. Environmental and economic efficiency are essential must-haves for today’s kitchen setting. If you’re making new installations, go for appliances with high energy efficiency ratings. Other components of your kitchen are crucial here as well. Think over the materials. Durable and natural worktop materials such as marble and granite are mined in slabs and with a minimal manufacturing effect. This kind of worktop lasts a lifetime, meaning materials function to minimise wastage.


An expansive scope of functionality is key to any modern kitchen design. A contemporary kitchen design is multi-disciplined. It’s where you cook, work, relax, socialise, entertain and live. Because of this, a must-have for your kitchen setting is living furniture. A broad kitchen design will enable it to suit all your different personalities. From seated dining to a relaxed sofa to casual bar stools for breakfast, your worktops and tables can shift in functionality easily.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands or breakfast bars have been on the scene for a while now but have become very popular as contemporary kitchen design has progressed. If you have space, this feature is a must-have because it is multifunctional and extra wide. To maximise the scope of use, you may include a wine fridge, preparation sink, a hob, or waterfall layers depending on what you want. When you select a material such as granite or marble, your kitchen island will look amazing and last for a long time!

Worktops Built to Last

For the modern kitchen, durability is key. The design of a contemporary kitchen must be durable in both strength and style. This is attributed to the fact that customer decisions are becoming wiser and environmentally conscious these days. By choosing a granite worktop, which will last for the entire time you will live in that house, you’ll have minimised the kitchen refit impact. Sparkling quartz or neutral marbles will collaborate with different design ideas. With a little taking care of, your place will look amazing for years to come.

Larder Pull-Out Cupboard

With a contemporary kitchen design, you won’t have any forgotten tins at the back of your cupboard anymore! Full height pull out cupboards maximise kitchen storage and give access to the entire shelf. Being part of a ceiling to floor unit, or located at the worktop end, a pull out larder is a clear indication of a contemporary functional kitchen.

Mix Fitted and Freestanding

More and more individuals are selecting a combination of freestanding cabinets and fitted kitchen units and preparation areas. This combination of styles creates a unique aesthetic appeal to the kitchen design. Consider combining classic granite worktops above fitted units displayed against a range oven and freestanding dresser. If done properly, this mixture of styles is sure to be striking and will give your place a fresh look.