Double glazing is accepted in today’s world as a standard, but then what is the position of triple glazing? You can think of it as a luxury, but it can also turn out to be a thermal technology that will be in the used in home building in the future, not just in windows but also in solidor door design. Scandinavia is a country where triple glazing is widely used. Triple glazing has been installed in many new homes, and its superiority has been acknowledged. Will this trend continue in the United Kingdom, where temperature variations are less extreme? There are many myths surrounding triple glazed widows, and here we will clarify the need for them as well as talk about their construction and benefits.

Triple Glazed Windows – What Are They?

Use is made of three panes of glass in triple glazed windows, against the two used in double glazing and this is the most essential difference. There are cavities that separate each of the panes and these are filled with inert gases, like krypton, xenon, or argon.

How Do Triple Glazed Windows Work?

Th extra pane of glass is not the only innovation used in triple glazing. The third pane of glass also gives the windows an added air pocket as a buffer. The inert gases used to fill up the gaps between the panes are heavier than air. As a result, noise gets effectively muted, while the of retaining of heat is increased. This is important to the performance of triple glazed products. If glass panes of the same thickness are used in all the three panes, then in comparison to double glazed windows, the increase in insulation capability will be small. You will get much better thermal and audio protection, if one of the panes is thicker than the others.

Benefits of Triple Glazing

Triple glazing can benefit you in many ways, if you use it instead of single or double glazing.

Energy Efficiency

One of the main considerations for glazing is its ability to conserve heat. Building regulations in the U.K. have now been modified to require you to install windows that have a U value that has to be below 1.6. This will result in all new widow installations of windows in the U.K. having to be at least double glazed if not triple glazed. Tripe glazing will give you U values that are much lower than the standard specified in the regulations. Most manufacturers average 0.8, though there some who will give you a U value of 0.5, making the glazing for a home that is very energy efficient.


All across the U.K., you will find noise pollution caused by traffic on busy roads, industrial zones, flight path and railway lines. Noise is also added by farms, playgrounds, schools, bin rounds and others, and this is what makes it important to soundproofing your home. Noise pollution will reduce by 56 decibels if you use a good triple glazing system.


Sound insulation can work the other way also and can be a benefit to parents who have a musical teenager. You have increased privacy in your home with the use of triple glazing products. These windows also offer a whole range of privacy options, visually. You can use obscured glass, tinted glass, or even glass that is smart and will change with conditions, thus making your home a very private space.


Energy efficiency is a practical benefit that triple glazed windows bring in addition to the increase in daily comfort. These windows will protect you from unpleasant draughts in the home and see that when you get out of bed you do not feel cold. Most casements are structured so that can be used with various configurations and openings, ergonomic latches and handles, and ventilation options.

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