Summer fashion can be described as fun and flirty, but many find the cooler temperatures of autumn to be the perfect way to get into cosy and layered clothing. Fashion is not all about clothes that keep you cool, it also involves your favourite pieces. The boots you really love, the denim skinny jeans you like, and your favourite sweaters and tunics.

How can you update your wardrobe for autumn? Instead of choosing the high streets for plus-size bras and clothing, most prefer shopping online. If you don’t want to deal with disappointment and getting hit with return fees, then you need to look at the following key fashions for autumn and winter then adapt them into trends, especially those who have a curvier figure.

Autumn layering

This is going to be seen everywhere this summer. If mixing plaids and tartans is not for you because you think it is too much, then you can go with a white shirt with a loose plaid cardigan. For those with an hourglass figure, the look is going to be great when cinched in at the waist with a belt.

Reinventing your trench

The camel always makes a comeback, and this season it is not going to be different. You can go with a duster-style coat instead of a structured trench coat a la Burberry. This is a good option because it is loose, floaty, and full-length. It is going to look great when worn with a white shirt and jeans to become an all-black ensemble. It is also going to tie in nicely if you want power dressing which is also going to be popular this season. This look is great for all women no matter their size.

Going for colour

Coloured leather jackets will be big this season. Jewel tones jackets are also going to be huge. If you are looking to update your wardrobe then don’t get a black jacket. Look for a burgundy, deep green, or even red because you are going to stand out from the rest. A biker style jacket is good on plus-sized women because it stops at the waist. The off-centre zipper makes the jacket look even better.

Getting a flirty skirt

A line and place skirt can look great on a curvy figure. This look is also very chic when worn during the autumn season. You can pair it with thick tights and biker boots. When you want to go out in the evening, go with a fringed or line pleated skirt. A dark coloured top is a good option because it is going to give a slimming effect. It is also a good option because the eye is going to be drawn to the skirt’s detailing.

Investing in jumpsuit

The one-piece jumpsuit has been around and has stuck around for some time, and it is still going to be the case this season. You have a good way of moving your summer wardrobe to prepare for the cooler months of the year. Look for dark coloured and denim jumpsuits. When buying jumpsuits, make sure you choose something for your body shape. When it comes to plus size fashion, everything is going to be about the shape – what looks good on a pear-shaped frame is not going to look the same on an hourglass figure.

The chunky boot

Everything to do with your outfit is now on point, but now you have to wear some shoes. Ditch the stiletto-heeled booths and get some chunky platform boots to complete the look. This look is chic and practical at the same time. Depending on how daring you feel, you can go for knee-high or ankle boots.