When it comes to owning a dog, those walks with your furry sidekick play a crucial role. Of course, you may not be the privileged owner of a hound right now, but love to borrow one from time to time. Whether you are pet sitting in Cornwall, a doggy owner, or dog borrower we want to inspire you by telling you about five local walking spots in Southampton that are guaranteed to get that tail wagging. Regular walks can really help a dog to thrive both physically and mentally. Being confined to the house for long periods of time can result in a bored dog and we all know what bored dogs love to do; destroy anything in their line of sight. You are your dog’s door to the sights, smells, and wonders of the world, he or she is depending on you to open that door.

Manor Farm Country Park

This historic working farm has been on the go for more than 600 years and is home to a wonderful park boasting 400 acres of woodland wonder for you and your dog to explore, as well as plenty of open spaces and even a river, the ideal spot for your pup to try out his swimming skills. You will also be able to enjoy spotting some of the local wildlife such as roe deer in the woods and even admire the flowers along the way.

There is a farm attraction within the park but it does not allow dogs, however, that still leaves plenty to enjoy. In fact, when all of the adventures work up an appetite you can both enjoy a snack outside the Pantry Tearoom.

Royal Victoria Country Park

This is a park that offers an incredible range of fun activities for you and your dog from adventures at the seashore to explorations in the woodland park. If your furry friend loves to play fetch and catch (and let’s face it most of them do!), there are plenty of open spaces perfect for the game, as well as space to enjoy a picnic. The cafe also has an outdoor seated area that welcomes dogs if you prefer to have someone cook for you.

Central Parks

Spread out over 21 hectares, Southampton’s five Central Parks are proud to recently have been awarded the status of Grade II of special historic interest on the English Heritage Register of Parks and Gardens. Right in the center of Southampton these parks are a wagtastic wonderland for dogs.

Here are the parks that you can plan to enjoy:


Southampton Common

There are 326 acres on offer here for you and your furry friend to explore. It’s only about a 20-minute walk from the centre of Southampton and proves to be a popular option for locals as well as those visiting the city. There is an endless array of places to explore including wetlands, woodlands, and trails.

You will also find The Hawthorns Wildlife Centre here, you will find it in the southeast corner and it needs to be a must on your agenda if visiting the area. The open times for the Hawthorns garden are between 11 am and 3 pm during the week and if staff are available they also open on Sunday from noon until 4 pm. The Centre’s cafe terrace also provides access to the gardens.

Itchen Valley Country Park

A wonderful 440 acres of woodland and meadows that boast a Green Flag for four years to date. The Visitor Centre and Cafe provide a great place to relax after your adventures on the trails.

It will only set you back 60p to purchase a guide at the Visitor Centre or you can download the guide before your planned visit.