It doesn’t matter how well designed your e-commerce site is. The fact is, if it’s not converting traffic into customers, it’s not doing its job. Your website needs to be converting customers at a high tick. Unfortunately, this requires much more than professional design. While having a well-designed site certainly helps, it’s not everything you need.

Getting prospective customers to your site is only part of the process. You’ll need to do much more to succeed. The main thing you want to do is look to increase your engagement with the help of true experts, like ecommerce website development hampshire. That way, you can increase conversions and maximise sales. Here are some of the best tips for improving engagement with your site.

1. Integrate Cross-Selling

This is something that can be pertinent to your online store’s success. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds. When implemented poorly, it can deter people from your site. It can turn a lot of customers off if you are just throwing random products in front of them. Instead, you need to be doing it in an organised manner. Instead of throwing a bunch of products or services at them, you want to do it in a curated fashion. That way, it puts relevant and useful products or services in front of them: it benefits both your business and the customer.

2. Promotions

Every customer wants to know they are getting a good deal. While customers have become much more aware of how businesses use promotions to lure them, it’s still a very effective strategy and technique. A lot of sites implement minimum spending requirements to get free shipping. This helps encourage customers to spend more to ‘save’. You’ll want to make your promotions highly visible on your site. That way, you can encourage customers to take advantage of them. This will increase the likelihood you convert visitors into customers on your site.

3. Social Media

Social media is easily one of the best places to not only display your best promotions but also to introduce them. You should be leveraging social media in your promotion efforts. You want people to learn about promotions and deals that you are having through social media. You also want to encourage engagement across social media by running contests, running polls, and posting high-quality content.

4. Content

Speaking of content, you want to ensure that you are creating high-quality and relevant content that fits your company. You should be using social media to publish this content and try to encourage your followers to share it. Try to create a lot of relevant content that can create better brand awareness for your business. This can improve your visibility in the marketplace and make more people aware of your existence. Look to see what your competition is doing in regards to content creation and see what’s working best for them.

5. Communication

You should be looking to communicate with your customers. This doesn’t only mean sending them spam emails or messages. It means delivering them messages that provide them with valuable information or offers. Also, you want to make it a two-way street. Having good communication where your customers can engage with and interact with your company can be crucial to your success.

6. Feedback

You will want to try to encourage your customers to give your company feedback. You want them to discuss your products and/or services with you. You want them to give you critical feedback on their website and what changes they would like to see. Getting feedback is one of the easiest ways to boost engagement because a lot of customers will want to help, you simply have to ask for it.

7. Emails

You should be looking to leverage email marketing in your business. This will help in many ways. Having an automated email following purchase can be a good way to get critical feedback that can help you improve your business. You also want to have email follow-ups with anyone that abandoned their cart. Figure out what stopped them from going through with their purchase and you’ll be able to optimise the checkout process.

8. Guest Checkout

Speaking of the checkout process, one of the best things you can do to improve your conversions is by eliminating the need for account creation. Have a guest checkout option and you’ll see your conversions skyrocket.

9. Customer Support

You need to emphasise improving your customer support. Doing so will ensure that your business can deliver the highest quality support to your customers. Customers and prospective customers need to have a place where they can address their concerns. Having a live chat feature on your site can be a great way to expedite and streamline customer support for your online store.