Over 2 billion downloads.

TikTok, a social media app created by Zhang Yiming, has been downloaded by nearly 30% of the world’s population. The app, which allows users to create and edit short videos, has an active user base of approximately 850 million. If you are looking to have sap business bydesign intergraded into your business please see here.

While TikTok has global popularity, there are plenty of other great apps that are worth a closer look. These are 15 of the best apps to download in 2021:


This app, which is designed to share photo content, has more than one billion monthly active users. On average, users spend a 53 minutes or more on Instagram daily. 71% of those users are 34 or younger. Since there’s not a web version of Instagram, it’s necessary to download the app if you want to enjoy this social media platform.


Have you ever dreamed of learning a new language? If you answered “yes” to that question, Duolingo is the app for you. It’s the most downloaded educational app across the globe and has over 300 million users. User engagement is high thanks to the way Duolingo is able to gamify language learning.

Furthermore, Duolingo provides lessons in 38 languages, with 98 courses available. It utilizes a wide range of methods, including sentence reading, matching words and images, pronunciation, and ordering words to form phrases. In 2019, Forbes’s put it on a list of future billion-dollar startups.


It’s likely that Amazon’s shopping app is already on your phone. Though Amazon was initial created to sell books, you can now purchase all kinds of items there, including food, electronics, and clothing. Over the years, the company has continued to grow and innovate, which has helped it become the biggest online marketplace in the world today. Furthermore, the mobile app is user-friendly. Thanks to the search system, it’s possible to filter products and find what you’re looking for at the right price. There are also all kinds of services under the Amazon brand, including Amazon Web Services, Amazon Fresh, Fire TV, and Alexa.


Women often have bad experiences on dating apps. Bumble seeks to change that. On this app, women have to make the first move. You can view profiles all over the world, allowing you to meet and connect with new people. While Bumble stands out from other dating apps on the market, it also offers more than that. In fact, Bumble has three different modes:

Bumble Bizz: This allows you to look for career and networking opportunities.

Bumble BFF: You can search for potential friends in your area.

Bumble Date: You can meet people interested in dating and relationships.

Android and iOS users can obtain Bumble for free, but the app also offers premium plans with additional features.

Google Find My Device:

We depend on our smartphones, which is why losing these devices can cause all kinds of problems. Not only does your device keep you connected to the people around you, but it’s likely that it stores photos, videos, and other important information. Thankfully, Google Find My Device will make it easy for you to locate your Android phone.

This app is free and use-friendly. Not only can it help you find your phone, but it also allows you to reset your phone pin, which can keep someone else from accessing your device. You can trace your phone by playing music or erase your data remotely. As the name implies, it’s one of the best ways to find a phone you’ve lost.

The apps listed above are some of the most compelling apps that are currently available. Of course, this isn’t everything that the app market has to offer. There are hundreds of new apps released each day, and there’s no room to list every exciting app that’s currently available. That’s why it’s a good idea to search for other apps that are in line with your needs and interests. Want to find a specific type of app? Just enter a relevant keyword on the search button to see what’s available.