In this day and age, smart technology has become especially prevalent in kitchen appliances. It is easy to dismiss this change as redundant, but let us not forget there was a time where dishwashers and washing machines didn’t exist in the kitchen. Nowadays, these appliances are considered essential and come with all kinds of features, including smart functionality. This innovation in technology is becoming more entwined in modern living and maybe it is high time we started taking smart kitchen gadgets or appliances seriously. If you are looking for a huge catalogue of different materials and designs to add to your home then please see Zen Stone.

Essential Kitchen Appliances

What do most people find essential in a kitchen today? After investing in marble, granite, or quartz countertop, the next thing on your mind is certainly the appliances. But which are essential?

Countertop Kitchen Appliances

When considering appliances that will sit on your countertop, what one deems essential may not be to you. Generally, people expect to see a kettle and toaster, but some cannot go by without a coffee machine. Others would have a hard time without a sandwich toaster and so, it all boils down to your needs.

Large Appliances

For a modern kitchen to be practical, it needs storage, clean cookware, and the capacity to cook food. Yes, you can fulfill this by a larder, an Aga and sink, but most kitchens nowadays also include a dishwasher, electric oven, and a fridge. These make up the majority of appliances that a new modern kitchen should feature.

What Consists of a Smart Kitchen Appliance?

Smart kitchen appliances feature intuitive programming and connectivity. Their exact operation, of course, boils down to the individual appliance. However, to be deemed smart, an appliance should be able to connect to the internet and in some cases, Bluetooth. Intelligent functionality implies that the appliance has the ability to change its program depending on the data it has collected as it’s being used. These features are all about convenience and are a way to future-proof your house.

Top Smart Essential Kitchen Appliances

Here are some of our top kitchen appliances that utilize smart technology and how it works in each case.

(i) The Oven

Smart ovens often provide the ability to control them remotely. This is convenient in situations where you need to get the oven pre-heated. The same applies to switching off the oven. Prompt notifications will help avoid forgetting about the timer. The smart features can also adapt or advise on cooking times. Smart ovens also come with voice control, which means you no longer have to balance food prep with oven use. Some even have integrated content, allowing you to send recipes to the appliance and have the right temperature set. All these are new ways to use ovens and so, it is worth looking into.

(ii) The Fridge

Turning on and off is certainly not a primary feature in fridges. However, smart technology, particularly connectivity is a key one in fridges of the future. Smart fridges incorporate the conventional purpose to house lists, notes as well as family correspondence. With a big touch screen on the door, people can access messages, calendars and even browse the internet. Door sensor alarms can also send notifications to your smartphone and even include a function to automatically open when someone stands in front. Inside, the fridges feature cameras that give you the ability to check the contents remotely, ensuring you do not forget something when you’re out shopping.