If you are constantly on the road, you must have come across various trucks and HGVs, or looked into HGV training in Hampshire. You can’t miss some of the familiar brands like Dentressangles and Stobarts on the road. They are a consistent and constant presence on the road. Actually, if you know a little about trucks, you know what to expect from them. They make their way from one destination to the next while delivering their loads. Well, there might be a little break from the normal. There are trucks that have struck out and actually left a mark. These are record-breaking lorries.

Have you seen a truck jumping a lotus? Certainly, it’s a record-breaking truck. Yes, you must have seen trucks used as objects to leap over in the past. For example, Evel Knievel leaped on lorries in the past quite often. However, there has been a break in tradition. Mike Ryan, who is notable for doing quite unusual things in a lorry, decided to get behind the wheel in 2014 and launched a truck over a Lotus F1 car. It landed him in the Guinness Book of World Records. The leap was about 87 feet.

Another record-breaking truck was noted in September 2008. Here, Marco Hellgrewe, a German driver, decided to see how far he could reverse an HGV. Who wouldn’t want to see this? Hellgrewe drove an HGV around a training forces track in Bergen, Germany. He did it for 5 hours and 21 minutes for a distance of 39.7 miles. It’s quite astonishing how he didn’t go crazy from the beeping sound of the reverse gear.

There is also another notable truck in Austria, in 2004 when Johann Redl took his truck (7420kg Steyr 891) to the Wels airport and steered the vehicle for more than 10 minutes on 2 wheels. It’s a pretty impressive fete for all truck lovers out there. However, it might not be as impressive as when James Bond pulled a truck wheelie through a raging fire. He then drove a tanker on its side trying to avoid bazooka blasts. It’s certainly an outstanding moment.

Australia is a magnificent place and a lot of people dream of visiting the country. When driving from one side of the country to the other, you should always be prepared for considerably long and straight journeys by road. The land is huge and bare. It plays a huge role in the truck driving culture in the area. It has brought about the road trains culture. Essentially, a road train is a very long truck.

It includes multiple trucks and trailers. These are often used in other countries such as Argentina, the U.S and Canada. These road trains roll along on the open and empty roads in the heartland of Australia delivering freight to different areas. Certainly, you never want to be stuck behind ones of these road trains. The most notable road trains include 100 trailers with more than 140 wheels. They can stretch as long as a mile. It’s a beauty to behold if you ever find yourself in Australia.