Based on my personal experience, the to-do list below includes painful but essential things that need to be done by anyone who is laid off:

Acknowledge Your Feelings, Then Move Forward

Immediately after you lose your job, you might feel a range of different emotions. You might feel panic from not getting a regular paycheck any longer, the exhilaration from not having to follow a set routine, anger when you think about all of the long hours you put in at your former job- and much more.

Instead of getting caught up in these emotions, just be aware that it is normal to have them. However, how here is the tough love talk that everybody in this situation needs – move forward and start focusing on your future.

The two times that I was laid off, there were multiple colleagues who were laid off at the same time that I was. Misery loves company, so we acted as our own support group, sharing leads, motivating each other, and commiserating together.

If you are struggling ad alone, you can receive encouragement and support by speaking to a professional or joining a group, and it can help you keep your negative emotions under control.

What I received instead was some very solid support. From people offering to share my resume with their Human Resources departments to headhunter contact information, people who I had recently met were very willing to help me. I may have initially felt awkward, but I am glad I shared my situation. Also, you may want to check out your local recruitment agency. Just do a simple Google search just type recruitment agencies and your location for example if you are in Brighton type something like ‘Brighton recruitment agencies

Pro tip: When discussing the issue, focus on what needs to be done next – instead of what has already occurred. For example, I lost my job recently at Company X. Working with customers is what I have missed the most. So I would like to look for a customer-facing position at a mid-sized company for my next job. That sounds much better than, the reason they laid me off was that the CEO doesn’t budget properly. I don’t know how I am going to pay next month’s rent. At this point, I will take anything as long as it does not suck.

Get Your Finances Under Control and Set Up a Budget

It can be awkward to talk about money. However, knowledge is power. Determine exactly what you have to work with so that you don’t accumulate debt during a time when you cannot afford it. Y

The difference between your lost paycheck and what you get from unemployment or severance will determine whether or not you need to adjust your spending – and how large those adjustments need to be. You can get organized by using a budget worksheet.

When I stopped and actually really looked at my fiances, I started to realize that I needed to make some changes. First I made several small cuts: training at home rather than at a gym, borrowing books from the library instead of buying them, eating dinner at home. I not only felt like I was helping to prevent my bad situation from becoming worse but I was also motivated to quickly find a new job.

Make Investments In Your Personal Development

Spending money when not much is coming in might seem counterintuitive. However, remember the old saying of it take money to make money.

Enrolling in classes can help you be more marketable, so go for it if you can afford it. During my downtime, I enrolled in Functional skill Level 2 English. I discovered that it provided me with a positive outlook and gave my self-esteem a boost. It also gave me a reason to wear actual clothes and look presentable.

If you could use guidance from a career coach or help with polishing your resume, consider the expense as a down payment for your future success. After you have landed an interview, get yourself a new outfit and enjoy all of the benefits from the boost in your self-confidence.