The vast majority of medical HGV licence drivers tend to drive for many hours every day. With that said, there are certain legal limitations on the number of hours that can be worked, breaks etc. However, when this is actually applied, the human body can still be easily overcome by fatigue.

Basically, when you work at unsocial hours in the day and night, it is quite exhausting. This is quite true when you’re driving down a busy road with a full lorry. You need to be able to concentrate fully and be very careful while driving.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest risks for drivers is tiredness and fatigue. If you happen to fall asleep while driving an HGV or any other type vehicle, it can result in fatal accidents for the driver and other persons using the roadways.

Therefore, it is critical that you avoid driving while being so tired that you actually fall asleep and give in to the fatigue.

We will now look at a couple of tips and strategies that will help you to remain awake and fully alert while driving an HGV.

Maintain Fitness

If you want to have a healthy mind, you also need to have a healthy body, So, by keeping up with your health and fitness, it will help you to become sharper and more alert which will certainly benefit you on the job. So, make sure that you add a bit of exercise to your daily routine when you’re not working. This will help to improve your reaction times and your ability to concentrate.

Of course, you don’t need to go overboard and train like an athlete. However, if you want to, you definitely should!

With that said, just a little bit of added activity every week will make a notable difference. For example, if you simply go on a walk a couple times per week, it will improve your fitness. This will help you to be more alert and will help to reduce aches and pains from sitting all day as well as reduce overall fatigue.

Use Your Free Time To Relax And Rest

It is no surprising fact that everyone needs enough rest in order to function well on a daily basis. If you want to thoroughly revitalise yourself, then a nap is one of the best ways to do that. It will not only give you much needed rest but ensure you stay alert.

This is extremely important for HGV drivers.

If you haven’t had enough sleep and you go to drive, then you’ll have slower reaction times and the chances of you falling asleep behind the wheel would increase drastically.

So, before you start your shift, you need to ensure you sleep well throughout the night. This means sleeping a least 7 hours every night. This will help to re-charge your brain and ensure that you are as fresh and alert as possible when you start driving.

Eat Well

Many HGV drivers are well known for their poor diets since most of them eat on the road and at various roadside diners, service stations etc. This means they typically consume lots of fast and greasy foods.

Unfortunately, this type of diet that has a lot of fat is not healthy. It is also not good for cultivating an alert mind and high levels of concentration. When you eat these foods, they typically make you feel bloated and exhausted, which will negatively impact your driving. So, you should definitely clean up your diet to prevent this from happening.