People across the globe have been spending an increased amount of time on the Internet with movie theatres closed, restaurants with limited capacity, and more. If you are looking for the best possible way to incorporate Microsoft 365 into your agency/company then please see Mgenious Solutions.

While people have been using the Internet more than ever before in the USA, two data providers show that online behaviours have changed along with it. It has changed in a big way as the virus continued to spread and cause people to alter the way they went about their daily lives.

With public gatherings being completely called off, a lot of Americans went out to seek various ways to entertain themselves. They shifted to using more YouTube and various video streaming services like Netflix. Also, they spent more active time on various social media platforms like Facebook.

Throughout the last couple of years, these services experienced an increased amount of mobile users. More and more people were shifting from using traditional laptops and desktops to their smartphones and tablets. However, more people than ever before are sitting and spending the majority of their days at home. Because of this, they are turning more towards their computers and laptops again rather than using mobile devices as much.

A lot of platforms and services have noticed a significant decrease in the total number of mobile users. Both SimilarWeb and Apptopia have collected data that showcase this. each of these resources gets their traffic data from different independent sources that allows you to compare data across the Internet.

While a lot of the different and traditional social media platforms have been continuing to grow, more and more people are looking to do much more than communicating through text-based interfaces. More and more are looking to see one another through video chat. This has led to a major increase in video chat application usage among various leaders like Google’s own Duo and even Houseparty which lets groups of friends get together and play games.

Along with this, we have become increasingly interested in our immediate environment and the changes that are being forced due to the spreading of the virus. This has ultimately led to a major interest increase in platforms like Nextdoor. This is a site that connects people in their neighbourhoods with one another.

Nowadays, offices and even schools are now held right in our living rooms. This has had a big impact on the changes in the way people are using the Internet. Nowadays, you will find school assignments being given out on Google Classroom and business meetings being conducted right on Zoom and Microsoft Temas. These services have blasted on the scene and become integral to the way we live our lives. However, because they were so rushed out to the marketplace, it has brought a bunch of privacy concerns among the general public.

No one truly knows how bad the outbreak is going to get. This uncertainty is only driving more and more changes in the way people access news and information.

Some of the biggest beneficiaries of this are the local news sites. A lot of people are flocking to their local news sites as more and more people look to get educated on the different ways the pandemic is negatively impacting where they live.

Americans have also been looking for more established and credible media outlets to try to get more information on the public health crisis. This includes CNBC which is a major business news outlet. This website has seen a flood of new traffic as people look to figure out real-time information. Various sites like The Washington Post and The New York Times have also seen major increases according to SimilarWeb.

More and more people are looking for facts about the virus and the pandemic over the more opinionated takes that dominated in recent years. Because of this, a lot of the more opinionated outlets like the Daily Caller and Truthdig have experienced massive decreases in traffic to their sites.

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website has been seeing major and unprecedented increases in traffic. After all, millions of people are looking to find out crucial information that they can use to live safely as we continue to learn to navigate with the deadly virus among us.