After March 2020, the entire world and the country at large completely changed due to COVID-19. And while the virus changed how we do things, especially during the first few months, we continue to provide quality and dependable property marketing solutions. With that being said, our company, Fourlabs, continues to respect and uphold government guidelines to ensure that our clients and staff are always safe and protected.

The property market in the United Kingdom is currently booming as more people realise that crowded towns and cities are not exactly the best place to live. Apart from that, more people today are appreciating the value of certain amenities and the importance of living in areas that are close to such amenities.

To make it easier and safer for our clients to experience some of the properties we have to offer, we create and provide quality videography solutions that allow people to virtually walk through different properties; we achieve this by using the latest video and drone technology available today. If you’d like to learn more about our top five services so you have an easier time figuring out if you are interested in videography, continue reading.

Try Virtual View for a More Realistic Feel

Virtual View is one of the proprietary solutions we offer that’s been in demand in recent days since COVID-19 restrictions have, to a greater extent, limited in-person interactions. With Virtual View, you get up to a minute’s worth of video that walks you through the entire property and how it’s laid out. The good thing about Virtual View videos is that they can be published on websites and social media platforms and can also be easily shared on a variety of other mediums.

One benefit of using this option is that our operators are open to receiving instructions from you on how you want the video shot. As such, if there are areas that you’d like your video to avoid or focus on, simply let us know and we’ll do it for you. Furthermore, we can shoot using different modes, from landscape to portrait, and can even take shots of your garden and exterior if the weather allows it.

Virtual View Plus Upgrades

If you want to add some exuberance to your video, consider trying out Virtual View Plus. This service is quite different from the other solutions we have to offer as it focuses more on editing and incorporating specific details that you’d like to highlight into your footage. Furthermore, it involves smoother camera pans for a more professional-looking and feeling video. Virtual View Plus videos are shot in landscape mode for a wider, high-quality view.

Use Matterport for Better Details

If you are a vendor or are looking for something a bit different, then you might want to consider using the Matterport platform. This option involves using a Matterport scanner that’s made using high-quality scanning technology, which allows you to attain in-depth 3D layouts of a property. Since Matterport scanning is interactive, it offers buyers the opportunity to view a house as though they were there walking through the property. This option gives those viewing the property a better sense of how big the property is and how it looks and feels.

Matterport scanning is performed by the majority of our skilled and experienced staff all around the country and provides high-quality footage that any potential buyer or vendor will appreciate. Another thing about using this solution is that it’s an excellent substitute for in-person property viewing, especially now when travel and gatherings are restricted. Matterport can be especially useful for clients who live abroad or overseas since it allows them to tour a property interactively from wherever they are in the world as long as they have an Internet connection.

Use Drone Footage to Give Your Videos a Touch of Class

If you’d like to give your videos that extra touch of class, then consider using drone video footage. If the house you are selling looks spectacular from above, for instance, it’s by the beach or on a farm, then you need to consider trying out this option. Drone videography has a way of showing the scale of the property and giving viewers a different, yet interesting perspective. In most cases, it’s never easy to determine the size of a building or the terrain around it from looking at a simple floor plan. And that’s where drone footage comes in, to provide perspective.

We have certified and extremely experienced drone operators that are experts at creating drone footage. Apart from that, we have the reputation and connections to get the permissions needed from the CAA to shoot drone footage to ensure we stay compliant with regulations.

We also provide EPC solutions.