London is a tourists’ paradise – It has a bit of everything and something for everyone. For example, tourists who have an interest in the historical side of Britain will revel in the glory of the Tower of London, art and theatre connoisseurs will enjoy the delights showcased throughout the West End Theatre District and the National Gallery, while to fans of the royal family, a visit to London will not be complete without a visit to Buckingham Palace. Although London still ranks as one of the most expensive tourist destinations, there are many attractions that you can visit for free such as the Hyde Park Gardens, the Kensington Gardens, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and many more venues. Given the expansive nature of London, you may be overwhelmed when trying to decide the attractions to visit. If you are spoilt for choice, we recommend that you visit Apples and Pears bar and sign up for a top-rated city guide offered by an experienced local guide.

So, what are some of the MUST SEE attractions when you are next in London?

  1. The Tate Modern Art Museum

This iconic museum is located on London’s South Bank and it is dedicated to displaying the works of modern and contemporary artists. The Tate Museum is considered by many to be the hipper and younger version of Pimlico’s Tate Britain. The reason why recommend that you visit the Tate Modern is that it is awe-inspiring in all aspects. The building that houses the museum originally housed a Bankside Power Station. The building has however undergone extensive renovations such as the 2016 Switch House Extension which added gallery space within the museum while also allowing visitors to the installation to enjoy a 360-degree view of the London skyline. Inside the museum, you can view the works of renowned artists like Warhol, Bourgeois and Matisse which are always on permanent display.

  1. The Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly circus has aptly been named as the portal to the busy London’s West End since it is located smack at the intersection of five busy roads that lead to many famous joints in the city. If you are looking to view the busy nature of the city’s dwellers, the Piccadilly is a must visit. People from all walks of life going about their business within the city all end up meeting at this place at one point.

According to reports from tourists who have visited this attraction, it is ideal an ideal tourist spot since it exudes a lot of vibrancy and it is located in close proximity to most shops, restaurants and nightlife spots. If you are looking to enjoy a scenic ambience, most people who have visited this spot recommend that you tour it at night. During this time, the lights from the billboards in the vicinity usually reflect off the Edwardian-era buildings in the vicinity and the Eros statue – a sight to behold.

Disclaimer: Contrary to popular belief, the Piccadilly is not an actual circus. The name circus is derived from the circle where a handful of roads meet.

  1. The Kew Gardens

The Kew Gardens is a world-renowned botanical sanctuary that rests on around 3,000 acres of land. The garden hosts numerous exquisite vistas, Victorian-era glasshouses, Chinese Pagoda, treetop walkway and many rare plants. The best part about this attraction is that it usually remains beautiful and alluring during all seasons. At the moment, you can expect the crunchy feel leaves under your feet that you can expect during autumn. In winter, you can expect that the gardens will be light up with the annual trail of Christmas lights. If you are a horticultural or gardening enthusiast, you can find the encephalartos woodii – one of the rarest plants in the world that is as old as dinosaurs!

  1. Camden Market

Both locals and tourists enjoy spending their free mornings or afternoons at the Camden Market. Camden Market does not refer to just one market rather it is a group of several markets that are located in Camden. The entire market is made up of over 200 stalls that retail everything from food, furniture, clothing, and many other wares. The market is open every day starting from 10 a.m.