Most people are accustomed to various HGVs and interested in how long it takes to get a HGV licence on the motorways and this includes their typical brands such as Dentressangle, Stobart etc. These types of trucks and brands have always been quite popular on the road for many years. Trucks simply do what they’ve always done, which includes reliably delivering goods and various loads from point A to point B to point C.

However, there are certain trucks that break away from this norm and have left their own individual mark. These are, what we call, record-breaking lorries.

One good example of this is a truck jumping a Lotus! There are even other astounding feats.

In the past, we have seen people use trucks as obstacles for other types of vehicles to jump over. For example, Evel Knieval used to jump over buses and lorries.

Mike Ryan, another man who is known for doing different things using a lorry, decided to make a truck leap over a Lotus F1 vehicle. This was done in 2014 and is certainly something that found its way into the Guinness Book Of World Records. This astounding leap was over 87 feet!

Back Up

Next, in September 2008, a German driver called Marco Hellgrewe wanted to see the maximum distance that it is possible to reverse an HGV.

As a result, he drove an HGV in reverse for 39.7 miles in 5 hours and 21 minutes around the training forces in Bergen Germany.

It was certainly quite a feat in itself to do this task while having to listen to the constant reverse beeping of the HGV which can certainly drive any normal person insane!

Next in Austria in 2004, a man called Johann Redl then attempted to drive his Steyr 891 truck which weighed a hefty 7230 kg on two wheels for over 10 miles.

Side Driving

This is quite a surprising and impressive feat, however it isn’t as interesting as James Bond doing a wheelie in a truck into a circle of fire. Then driving on the side to ensure he didn’t get blasted by a Bazooka!

The Road Train

Australia is a very large country without much going on in the center.

As a result, when you need to travel from one side to the other, it is a pretty much long and straight road. Another factor that affects driving in Australia is also how dry and barren the land is. As a result of this, road trains were developed.

A road train is basically an extremely long truck. They are made up of many trailers and this system is also used in other countries such as the US, Argentina, Canada etc. So, these road trains basically drive through the heart of Australia in order to deliver goods from one side to the other.

You certainly don’t want to be caught driving behind one of these road trains! Some of the longest road trains have over 140 wheels with 100+ trailers! They can get as long as over a mile, which is certainly impressive in its own right.