Many people usually say “no way I am going to wear driving gloves. It isn’t for me”
Some of the most common excuses people give as to why they don’t wear gloves are:

  1. I don’t drive a proper supercar
  2. I don’t drive a classic car
  3. It looks silly
  4. I don’t drive fast
  5. It is too prestigious for me

There are some reasons why you should wear Driving Gloves from Chester Jeffries;

    Steering wheels go through a rough time when being used. The first two things you look at when you enter your car are the steering wheel and seat. Everything needs to look clean and neat inside your car, especially when you are a car fanatic. The steering wheel leather will go through wear and tear because you keep putting your hands which as human oils and sweats. This makes the steering wheel fall off bit by bit. Alcantara is one of those that easily gets worn out and damaged. When you put on driving gloves, you are going to protect your steering wheel, and it will remain in a good condition for a long time.
    Steering wheels today are not made using slippery materials, and Alcantara has a good grip when driving with bare hands. But you can get even better support when you put on a pair of driving gloves. You will have a better steering wheel grip. Imagine you are driving down a beautiful road in a sunny down as you step on the gas pushing the car a little further (you are the only one on the road and you can see any other road users). You are fully concentrating and focusing on holding your steering wheel tight. Eventually, your hands are going to start sweating, and this is not ideal when you want to make a sharp U-shaped curve.

Wearing driving gloves will help you deal with this problem because it prevents sweat from getting to your steering wheel. A good glove is made from Peccary leather, which is a good leather that gives you maximum grip. Peccary is also the strongest and most durable leather while being flexible. This is why it has become a favourite. This is going to be great when driving on a nervous-breaking road.

    The earth’s temperature has been slowly rising, which is why there will be a time when you will enter your car that has been in the summer sun, and you will feel like you are touching lava when you touch the steering wheel. When you have a pair of driving gloves, it becomes comfortable and you can keep on driving without any problem.
    You most likely like long drives. You want the perfect road trip where you drive on great roads and reach your destination.
    It is common to drive for hours, which can leave the hands feeling tired. This is even worse for those driving a classic car.
    When you have the peccary leather, it is going to reduce hand fatigue. This is because they reduce hand vibrations, which contributes to hand fatigue.
    Your road trips are going to be more enjoyable because the driving gloves protect and cushion the impact of the wheel.
    Look at motorcyclists and you will notice there is a big difference when compared to car drivers. This is because they usually put themselves apart through the way they dress. They send out a statement by matching their outfits to their motorbikes. You will find that a motorcyclist riding a Ducati wearing a matching red outfit that has the tag “DUCATI”. Such small finishing touches make a lot of difference. Why shouldn’t car drivers do the same?