Are you wondering whether or not you should hire differently-abled people in your organisation? Well, here are some benefits of hiring them today.

You Can Always Count On Them

Most employers worry about hiring people with disabilities because they might not come to work. However, if you take a look at their work attendance figures, you will see a huge difference. A notable study found out that differently-abled people are 40% less likely to use their sick days compared to other people. Also, differently-abled people have been known to stay in a company longer.

A study done in a call centre found out that employees with disabilities stayed in their jobs an average of 4.1 years. On the other hand, people without disabilities stuck around their jobs for only 3.2 years. On the other hand, most people think that people who are differently-abled are prone to injuries. Actually, they have fewer compensation injuries and accidents at work. As such, differently-abled people are a stable workforce with fewer people coming and going. As an employer, you will enjoy a lot of financial savings on this front. If you are considering hiring a disabled individual then I would recommend you see Celebrating Disability see any training that will need to be put into place.

They See Things Differently

Yes, there might be a lot of misconceptions regarding people with disabilities and their performance. However, you should know that they perform just like any other employee if they are in the right job. A lot of employers have also discovered that people with disabilities are the most productive and they always bring something extra to the table. It might be a different perspective, a problem resolution or a lateral approach. Simply put, they have a different approach to their life experiences.

It’s not a huge surprise though because differently-abled people are highly skilled when it comes to adapting to new and difficult situations. If employers are diverse and hire a different types of people, they are likely going to be more productive, creative and innovative. Even better, they will become better problem-solvers.

They Can Provide Invaluable Insight Into Your Customers

In Australia alone, one in every five people is living with a disability. Differently-abled people create different target markets for customers. As such, you need to represent differently-abled people in your workforce by hiring as many as possible. You need to understand and be able to respond to the needs of your diverse target market. You need to have differently-abled people working for you to get those diverse ideas. It’s wrong to have a limited workforce.

They Make Your Company More Likeable

People are eager to work with inclusive businesses, both employees and customers. A recent study identified that 87% of people prefer to work with companies that give a chance to people with disabilities. On the other hand, job hunters are looking for companies with diverse workforces since they feel confident that they will not be discriminated against. If you want your business to be a beloved employer, you don’t need to be close-minded when hiring people.

Their Good Work Ethic Tends To Rub Off

Yes, it’s noted that people with disabilities will bring a great set of skills to the workplace. They should be able to share their insights and experiences with their colleagues. Also, having people with disabilities in your workplace will improve teamwork, staff morale and the quality of work produced by other staff. If you have a diverse workplace, the government might also help by providing incentives. That way, it’s easier for people who are differently-abled to work in the job.

Simply put, you need to think about hiring differently-abled people in your business. Take these pointers in mind when you are considering hiring differently-abled people in your organisation.